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Tria Prima is an alchemy/necromancy simulator. You, as an alchemist/necromancer recently woke up from hibernation, must create yourself a new body to sustain your existence. In alchemy, there are three principles: salt (body), mercury (spirit), sulphur (soul). Combine the three principles to manipulate life force around you. Create rats to do your errands. Infect sewers to increase tombs near you. Explode tombs to obtain the three principles. 

Theme music is composed by my dear friend İbrahim Yılmaz (https://soundcloud.com/ibrahim-yilmaz-770409070).

Special thanks to Daniel Linssen (https://managore.itch.io) for the font and Juhani Junkala (https://juhanijunkala.com) for sound effects.

Made for JamCraft 3.



  • Arrow Keys to Move / Rotate
  • Space Bar to Activate / Deactivate
  • Tab to Open Crafting
  • F to Open Upgrade
  • Enter to Craft / Upgrade
  • Esc to Open Menu


  • You can have maximum three of each principle.
  • You get random three bonus principles on passing day.
  • You have three tomb slots in map.
  • You queue tombs when you infect sewers which will spawn on the next day with empty tomb slots.
  • You can have only one of each recipes (Rat, Bomb, Plague) at the same time in the level.
  • You can only have one specialty (Bomb or Plague) on your rat at the same time.
  • Your rat loses one HP, when you activate the specialty.
  • You build your body gradually, when you craft an organ.
  • You get one upgrade at start and one every time you craft an organ.
  • You start with Level 1 upgrades and  can upgrade to Level 3.
  • You see green arrow on tank, if you have unspent upgrade point.
  • You win when you complete  building  your new body.


  • Salt + Mercury = Rat
  • Salt + Sulphur = Bomb
  • Mercury + Sulphur = Plague
  • Salt + Mercury + Sulphur = Organ


  • Rat (Level 1: 1 HP, Level 2: 2 HP, Level 3: 3 HP)
  • Bomb (Level 1: 3 drops on explode, Level 2: 6 drops on explode, Level 3: 9 drops on explode)
  • Plague (Level 1: spawns 1 tomb, Level 2: spawns 2 tombs, Level 2: spawns 3 tombs)


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Hey, I thought this was a fun little thing! I think the pixelly art style and very dark/grey palette work well to sell the atmosphere. If this game branched out into more complex recipes with more ingredients I would definitely buy it.


I'm glad you had fun. Reading your comment after almost forgetting about the game means a lot. I'm suddenly motivated to test myself again with some jams. Cheers!